dc mayor adrian fenty.

when the mayor asks, i deliver.

mayor adrian fenty

so…last year i was at a rooftop reception at kenyon square where i took a few candid photos of dc’s mayor adrian fenty. i loved them and proceeded to blog them (see original post here), and that was it – until last week when i found out the mayor had come across these photos, and wanted to use them in his campaign! how fabulous! i was absolutely delighted and hope to see this photo (his favorite) appearing somewhere, sometime soon! yay!



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12 responses to “dc mayor adrian fenty.

  1. congrats! i could see this photo in a men’s fashion magazine as well :)

  2. Jillian

    Cool. He looks very official – it makes sense that these were shot a little while ago. . . I originally thought, “shouldn’t he appear more smiley? He has a new baby!”

  3. Christina

    Congratulations! They’re great photos

  4. That’s awesome Jaime! Good pic!

  5. Sheryl Johnson

    Excellent picture!

  6. Jessica

    that’s hella cool, jaime!! way to GO!!!!

  7. Rachel Arculin

    How cool! Maybe you’ll get to do a lifestyle session with their new baby girl!

  8. Michelle

    Such a nice picture! He beat me in the marathon this year.. :-)

  9. Chris

    Jamie, I saw this on facebook and thought it was pretty sweet! Like your logo too.

  10. nicole

    reason 1,346,453 why jason and i are proud to have you taking photos of our wedding. congrats!

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