baptism photojournalism.

ready, set, baptize!


the best baptism photo ever, from my new cousin danielle’s baptism yesterday! mamasita was the godmother, pictured above in all her expressiveness as the (apparently freezing) water was poured over the baby. more to come very soon!



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6 responses to “baptism photojournalism.

  1. Cef

    Haha! Hilarious face mamasita!

  2. Kim

    AHHH! adorable!!! nice catch!

  3. mamasita

    ….Danielle was sound asleep and she was awoken to her entire face being doused with holy water … not a good thing…

  4. k.a.s.

    love the expression! if i were danielle i’d be pissed.

  5. quinnep

    had you not been there, no one would have ever known mommy had that silly&fun look on her face. J-Woo saves the day again! :D

  6. Chris

    Now I know where you get your expressive faces from Jaime!

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