preview: rin-rin + jon’s wedding!

coming soon: rin-rin + jon at the woodend sanctuary.


rin-rin + jon had a gorgeous afternoon wedding last weekend…i captured this moment at the very end of the day, right after we did one last photo of them underneath the colorful chinese lanterns. after a quick portrait, i headed back inside, but turned back to find them still close together, their bodies locked, dancing alone in the tent, swaying to music that spilled softly from inside the house. the guests were saying their goodbyes, the staff was clearing tables and stacking chairs, but all rin + jon saw was each other.

they continued to dance just like that until the end of the song…it was the intimate and romantic dance of two people who had just joined their lives together. i feel honored to have witnessed it happening, and grateful to have captured the feeling of that moment.

more from this spectacular celebration soon!



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5 responses to “preview: rin-rin + jon’s wedding!

  1. timing is everything. only great photogs have it. well done!

  2. What a great moment! I’m sure they’ll treasure this image.

  3. MK

    You know I adore this one! Very WPJA-esque :) I heart you, Himay! What a fantastic couple.

  4. i flipping love this. what a perfect moment.

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