hola portugal y españa!

a coastal adventure.


bom dia blog readers and sunny greetings once agin from europe! I’m on a train to the lovely town of sintra, just north of lisbon, portugal. for the next two weeks I’ll be traversing the coasts of portugal and spain in search of glorious sunshine, cool beaches, great music and amazing food…already I am enamored with portugal – the city of lisbon is fantastic! Artsy, eclectic, and vibrant – the streets are bustling day and night. We’ve walked throughout the rossio – dining in baixa, admiring the castelo de sao jorge with its sweeping views of the city, and reveling in the nightlife of barrio alto. Today’s destination is the famed sintra with its moorish temples, palaces and cliffside retreats. Tomorrow we depart for the algarve and the coast at lagos…until then – ciao!



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5 responses to “hola portugal y españa!

  1. Rose

    Make sure you hang out in Madrid for me. We just got back from Madrid last month. LOVE THAT CITY.

  2. MK

    Again, jealous! But I’m glad you’re havin’ fun!

  3. Julia

    Love Sintra! Haven’t been since early 90s — gorgeous! Love Portugal — I studied in Salamanca, Spain. Great places to visit. Have fun — be safe!

  4. Dad

    Well Im glad to see your posting and naturally having fun. be safe stay blogging (frog) love you Daddy ps thanks for the e mail

  5. Have so much fun this week (and next)you two!!!

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