rock you like a hurricane.

the boardwalk: ocean city, md.

a SNEAK PEEK from annie + marty’s AMAZING wedding yesterday…many more to come, but i just had to share these incredible images from the very end of the night…

after surviving the INSANE STORM that threatened to, but did not, interfere with their beautiful beach ceremony (yet struck immediately afterward) and all the chaos that goes along with a feisty mother nature (gale force winds + torrential downpour = soaking wet bridal party and photog) i am still BEYOND thrilled to have been part of this phenomenal day.

i may have emerged 3 umbrellas, 1 camera + 1 lens lighter (casualties of the weather) but i have these (and so many more!) amazing shots that make it all worth it…a million times over.

annie + marty: what can i say? you guys ROCK!! stay tuned for the real blog…coming soon!



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5 responses to “rock you like a hurricane.

  1. Annie and Marty

    WOW! Is all I can say right now!! I cannot wait to see the rest of these amazing shots!! Thanks so much for hanging in there with us…NEVER A DULL MOMENT!! But an AWESOME day!! Thanks again!!

  2. I love these pictures!! What a great place to shoot wedding photos!

  3. Nice work, kid!
    You can’t go wrong with a little boardwalk lights and a fun couple!

  4. Christy DeCosmo

    These shots are AMAZING!!!! You are so talented! You can feel the happiness, love, and excitement that is bursting out of these pictures! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  5. Maria

    I can’t wait to see the rest!! Marty and Annie you guys look amazing; Jaime you do an awesome job!

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