carrie + jay: engagement photos.

the city is our playground.

have i mentioned lately how much i *love* my neighborhood? or just dc in general? the more i shoot on these streets the more i appreciate all the funky spots for awesome photos there are in this city!

i had a ridiculously good time with carrie + jay last week…and not just because the shoot included a mini-bar crawl through adams’ morgan ;) these two are a riot! i cannot wait for their wedding later this year! carrie is sassy as anything (my FAVE quality in a person) and jay is simply great. i had just as much fun chatting with them as i did snapping their pics and they were so natural and relaxed in front of the camera – loved it! we strolled around adams’ morgan and logan on a beautiful wednesday afternoon and found the best spots for some really fun photos!

guess who’s getting married on november 22?





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6 responses to “carrie + jay: engagement photos.

  1. MK

    love them all! My faves- parking meter and the orange/mirror wall in the cafe- lovely job! And lovely couple!

  2. Cef

    awesome pics!

  3. KT

    These are great! Love all of them and what a great fun creative way to cherish memories, keep it real, and have a great day! Cheers!

  4. I love that his sunglasses are hanging around his neck in some of these. It just makes them seem to natural and normal. My favorite is the one where he’s blowing a kiss at her – her smile in that picture is priceless!

  5. Carrie Sunderman

    WOW I love these!! You captured exactly what we wanted. Can’t wait for the wedding photos and hopefully this bartender will know how to make a cosmo.

  6. HOC15Chapman

    What a great urban setting of Dc. It is funny how urban settings can bring out the true nature of individuals. It looks like the couple is truly in love. I have walked all over DC and it is funny how one can walk right by these sites without thinking. The photographer truly has a keen eye, and amazing grasp using the environment around her. Being able to take something as simple as parking meters and turn it into a work of art, it a hallmark of a true artist. Cannot wait to see more for the blonde photographer.

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