zachary + tyler.

a twin photoshoot on mothers’ day.

i spent part of mothers’ day with liz + stew and their charismatic twin boys! the boys, zachary + tyler, just celebrated their first birthday! they were so fun and cute, playing with each other and their favorite new toys, and demonstrating their new walking skills – woohoo! it was a great way to kick off mothers’ day, and liz is so lucky to have three amazing, loving boys in her life! yay for awesome moms!

meet zachary + tyler!




and their parents: liz + stew!





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7 responses to “zachary + tyler.

  1. Liz

    These are so incredible. You always seem to take my breath away and strike emotional chords. Your vision is amazing. Thank you for making my Mother’s Day memorable.

  2. Joan Adduci

    Thank you for capturing my incredible grandsons and Stew and Liz. I can’t wait for the wedding, you will do an awesome job.

  3. Aaron Baum

    I know Stew!! He used to be my next door neighbor in Springfield!! I’m so happy they got in contact with you and I hope it was from my reccomendations!! Youre work speaks for itself and it looks like the parents had as much fun as the twins had during the shoot!

    All the best to you, Stew, Liz and the twins!

  4. Andrea

    Your work is incredible! The window framed photograph caught my eye on Liz’s myspace page and I was forced to take a peek, which is saying something, as I have dial up and don’t attempt picture heavy pages very often. Keep it up!

  5. Your work is terrific. I love the one of the little boys looking out the window.

  6. Jennifer

    These pictures are INCREDIBLE! I especially love the last two pics with the boys and cribs and then with Liz and Stew. I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!!

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