amanda + dave: engaged!

for the love of kickball.

amanda + dave met and fell in love while playing kickball with friends + co-workers in baltimore city. dave proposed in april, and they are both so incredibly happy. they were so affectionate and loving throughout the shoot, i simply adored watching them together.  it’s easy to see how they fell in love with each other, and after a record 3-hour engagement session, i too am in love with amanda + dave.

they are a truly phenomenal couple. i had an amazing time photographing them as we made our way around baltimore finding great spots…they laughed, they kissed, and they kept putting their heads together and smiling!! i loved it! we played kickball on the hill, got dangerously close to the waters of the harbor, caught some sweet flare at sunset, rode the crazy carousel, and took some absolutely stellar photos – it was a total blast!








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18 responses to “amanda + dave: engaged!

  1. Amanda

    Thanks so much Jaime!!! They turned out incredible! I love ’em!!!

  2. Candace

    Love them! The pictures are fabulous!

  3. Rose

    Do you only photograph beautiful people or are you just *that* good?? :)

  4. Jackie

    Gorgeous photos! Amanda you look beautiful!!! These look like they can be published in a Sandals brochure. You both look so much in love. Very cute!

  5. Lisa

    Aww…To my Pottery Barn couple. The pics look amazing and so do you two!!! xoxo

  6. Dawnie B

    Who would have thought that SOBO kickball could produce such a hot couple! Love you guys, you look so happy! Great job Jaime!

  7. Kim

    OMG these pics are AMAZING!!! You guys look so great!! Amanda – you look beautiful!!!

  8. Again, great job!! And what a good looking couple…it would have been hard not to get a good picture of them;)

  9. Denise

    Jaime – these are great – I can see the love without even knowing the couple. You out-do yourself with every photo shoot.

  10. Tiffany

    Awe, baby sis you look so pretty :) The pictures are beautiful, you two look so cute together! The shots are awesome!

  11. Erin

    I love these! They are so amazing and you guys look so in love! I showed everyone at work. There were a lot of “Aww! How cute!” going on.

  12. Monica

    Are you sure these aren’t wedding pictures?! They’re AMAZING!! I love how creative and artistic they are….you win the “hot couple” award :-) Love you guys!

  13. Secret Admirer

    That bald guy is cute!

  14. Lima

    Jamie, these turned out fantastic!!! Thank you so much, you are awesome!!

  15. Wow! What a beautiful couple! I love the picture under the “Life Smells Good” picture. So unique!

  16. katie: that’s my favorite too! i scoped that spot out last time i was in baltimore and i knew it was PERFECT for amanda + dave: they are *so* living the good life!!


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