she wears her sunglasses…

“no more photos, please!”

luci wishes the paparazzi would stop following her.



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6 responses to “she wears her sunglasses…

  1. Mel

    My baby girl is too cute!!! Thanks for taking these amazing pictures!
    love you

  2. Georgie Matusik

    It’s me again Jaime…feeling lucky that such beauty runs in the family of Marc side…little Luci just simply adorable and a real young lady…do u have a pix her wearing that cute dress on the wedding?
    good goin’ girl, ur wanted….i mean hired…

  3. Aniko

    Sweet little Luci, you are adorable beautiful little angel. Can not wait ’til you can spend some more time with us & Mickey Mouse!
    And Jaime… you are the best… Your pictures are simply amazing, you are amazing!

  4. jessi

    i love luci!

  5. Michelle

    She is GORGEOUS!!

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