evan: lifestyle family session!


why hello evan!

i hesitate to refer to evan as “baby evan” since the last time i saw him he was just 8 weeks old! how time flies! he’s now just over a year old and he already seems like a little man to me! evan is just starting to walk and he is full of personality – i had so much fun seeing him again! evan was actually my very first newborn lifestyle session baby – i had no clue what to do with such a tiny baby but his parents were (and are!) so wonderful, it was the best experience! when rachel (his mom!) let me know they had moved into a new house and wanted to do another session i was thrilled! it was awesome to see the whole family (including the wild doggies!) in their new digs and make some really fun photographs!


i think this photo is so sweet – he looks like a cute little 50s baby to me!





i love this family!




going for the camera!





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10 responses to “evan: lifestyle family session!

  1. Kat

    Oh my gosh, he’s so cute! The first thing I thought when I saw the third picture was “The future’s so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades” :)

  2. Andy Arculin

    Jaime — these look great. Thanks again!

  3. How cute is he!!! That 2nd shot does look very 50s! I love the pic of him going for the camera:) Well done Himay!

  4. Jillian

    Great, great shots!

  5. kas

    i heart baby evan. especially ’50s baby evan. i want him.

  6. going for the camera…..awesome! hope to see the crew at honfest this weekend.

  7. mamasita

    totally awesome pics! wow…you are really good at this…evan loved you!

  8. Lovey

    Oh, he’s just adorable! What GREAT pictures!

  9. Avery Ramspeck

    WOW! He is adorable. Almost the cutest Evan I’ve ever seen. (Remember, my first grandchild is an Evan.) Just love these pictures. Looking forward to meeting him in person some day SOON. Love, Avery

  10. Jackie K

    Adorable! These certainly show a dynamic personality. I love the laugh!

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