the great room.

i had such a good time tonite at the “soft” opening of the great room at the doubletree hotel in bethesda. i covered the event for washington life magazine and met so many great people – including a fun couple who lives in my building…how crazy is that? they were like “you look like this photographer who lives in our building…” what do you know? the blonde photographer! it turns out he’s an amazing plastic surgeon so i introduced him to my dear friend aubryn from hela spa who was there with the ever-stylish lotta…the owners of the hotel also made an appearance along with tons of bethesda + dc socialites…i got to chat with two lovely ladies from panama one of my favorite countries! there were incredible performers, delicious sushi, lots of wine, and an entire room full of gorgeous, decadent chocolate creations.
bravo doubletree, what a great evening!

the elephant symbolized wealth + prosperity…the man on stilts? well, he sang for hillary clinton last night.
img_4212.jpg img_3971.jpg

the view from the sushi bar.

treats from the chocolate room – hats off to executive chef timothy jones + the culinary team.
img_3981.jpg img_4003.jpg img_4196.jpg img_3982.jpg

the hotel owners.

the very chic samira a. + abdulwahab a.

the impressive performers:
img_4094.jpg img_4100.jpg

jon e. + teri g. enjoy the entertainment.

maribel a. + marianne m. – yay for panama!

one styling little boy + the smokin hot aubryn g. + lotta l.
img_4128.jpg img_4168.jpg

shahram + sarah s.

a very fun group – candi + howard r., paul a., jeff k., marc r.



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5 responses to “the great room.

  1. Jaime,
    You are too much! The photos reflect what a great evening it was…so much good food, good entertainment and good folks! Thanks so much for your good work!

  2. Jaime,
    Last night’s grand opening at the Doubletree was exciting and your photos really caught what was happening there. You added to all of the fun and excitement. Your photography is fabulous.

  3. Jaime,

    Your photographs are absolutely wonderful and it is easy to see that the event was everything that we all hope for. Thank you for your lovely photos.


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