blonde birthday!

celebrating 29 with $29 worth of cupcakes.


today is my birthday. so i decided to eat cupcakes all day! lots of love for georgetown cupcake and 12 different flavors of decadence!




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10 responses to “blonde birthday!

  1. gerard

    happy birthday jaime!!!

  2. Cef

    I’ll take the one in the bottom right corner. Thanks.

  3. i really hope you didn’t eat all 12:) hee hee

  4. i’ve been dying to try their cupcakes! how are/were they?

  5. Happy birthday Jamie! As a fellow March baby, I think I’m going to steal your idea and just eat cupcakes all day on my day too :)

  6. Happy Birthday! My bday is tomorrow and I had requested Gtown Cupcakes as well! Did you try the peanut butter fudge? I hope I get one of those!

  7. Zeba and Ted

    Hi Jaime…Happy Bday! I actually stopped into Johnny Cupcakes the last time I was in Boston last year, and was shocked that there were actually no cupcakes for sale (if I am thinking of the right place)! But I do love G-Town Cupcake…went in there Sat. night and can’t decide which flavor I love best–chocolate ganache, PB, chocolate frosting with vanilla cake, berry lemon,…etc. Anyway, glad you had a great day!

  8. nicole

    um….will they ship to pc, utah?

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