jennifer + jeffrey: married!

a walk in the park.

jen + jeff are pretty much awesome. therefore, it should be no surprise to anyone that their wedding was incredibly awesome. it’s been exactly one week since jen + jeff tied the knot, which means i’ve had 7 days of obsessing over their gorgeous photos while they are soaking up the sun in costa rica, reveling in their newly-wed status…i can only imagine how thrilled they are, because i’m still reeling from that day.
the wedding was full of so many inspiring moments – i feel so lucky to have been able to capture it all. one of my (many) favorites was that jen donned her mother’s wedding dress for a few portraits before putting on her own dress…how great is that! also, jen + jeff are runners, and chose to spend over an hour walking through dumbarton oaks, strolling down lovers’ lane and pausing briefly amidst the breathtaking scenery. it seemed like the whole park was in bloom and both bride + groom were absolutely glowing.
the ceremony was unbelievably moving – jeff’s sister was the officiant and she did an incredible job of putting into words the unique love and connection that jen + jeff share. they wrote their own vows and i was so inspired by their love. once again, it was a true honor to witness such a perfect union, and simply amazing to be able to photograph it!
and then the reception! it was an exhilarating celebration of love, laughter, happiness and family. i was on the floor, standing on chairs and dodging in and out of some of the wildest dancing i’ve seen in a long time – it was fantastic!

jen + jeff: you are beyond inspiring. i loved every minute of your wedding and i am so honored to have been able to share it with you! thank you so much! enjoy the rest of your honeymoon and CONGRATS!!

* * * * *

5-star vendor reviews:

petal’s edge: gorgeous flowers!

dj jaime easson: she kept the dance floor rockin!



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13 responses to “jennifer + jeffrey: married!

  1. HOLY SMOKES! look how hot everyone is! :)

  2. Jamie and Germain

    We couldn’t wait to see pictures! We are so happy for you both!! Thank you so much for including us on this incredible day! Love you! Look forward to more great pictures. (great pictures Jaime!!!)

  3. MK

    LOVE THEM! So cute!

  4. Chris

    I don’t know how it is possible but your photos just keep getting better! (you are already so awesome) I love these so much.

  5. We have never seen such beautiful and creative wedding pictures. What a wonderful way to remember your special day. We’re so glad we could be there with you.

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  7. sammy shoes

    soo cute!! wish i could have been there!! beautiful mom wants to book you for my wedding..i still need to find a groom!! congrats to the gorg couple!

  8. The Giffords

    True love inspired by nature. Does this family know how to dance or what?
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The pictures are beautiful
    And so are you…… Love Grant and Henry

  9. melissa

    These pictures are amazing.
    If the bride reads these comments, can you please tell me who the maker of your gown is? Your gown is beautiful as are you in it. :)

  10. Jen and Jeff

    Jaime, we love the pics! It was a great day, and these shots really capture it. Looking forward to the others! So glad we can share them with everyone online, too.

    Melissa – the dress is 3.1 Philip Lim. Wasn’t a wedding dress, just a great find (75% off!!) at Muleh in DC.

  11. Marci DuPraw

    Looks like a fantastic celebration – congratulations to both of you!

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  13. Jaime the pics are awesome and you’re right Jen and Jeff are so sweet and so in love. It was such a pleasure for me to be a part of their wedding as well and it’s always great making people dance! Great to meet you and work with you!!

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