the abandoned shores of the salton sea.

the photo road trip continued to the towns surrounding caifornia’s surreal salton sea…standing at the base of the former lake’s shores we were 200 ft. below sea level and felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. remnants of life – scattered trash, an abandoned motel, half empty trailers, appliances stuck in the mud – are everywhere. they are proof that life existed here, in this former resort town, when the salton sea once drew people to its shores. people still come, but instead of the vacationer it’s the odd tourist, or more likely the curious photographer. i absolutely loved exploring this area, although at times it was completely freaky. wandering in and out of the abandoned homes was a bizarre and incredible experience. i treasure all these photos!



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4 responses to “the abandoned shores of the salton sea.

  1. MK

    SUCH a weird place! But I’m so glad we went. xoxo.

  2. Awesome photos! It was nice to meet you. Sorry the Hill was so lame.

  3. Your photos are awesome. I was wondering what camera and equipment you use? You obviously make an extra effort to turn every photograph into a special one.

    Kudos on the great blog.

    Atlanta, GA

  4. Thanks for such awesome photos! I am planning to take a road trip down there and can’t wait to see what wonders I may find. :)

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