dc habitat: home dedication.

last saturday, december 8, dc habitat turned over the keys to 4 brand-new houses to four very deserving families. these homes were actually the very ones that i had the privilege to work on a few months ago. i was very excited to donate my time to capturing this awesome event, and thankful to be able to be a part of it.

the proud new home owners gathered amongst a crowd of well-wishers as the homes were blessed and the ceremonial keys passed on. it was an incredible event – just being in the presence of such joy and excitement as these families each embark on a new journey with one another. every mother said the same thing – all the work, the effort, everything they do is for their children. i was so moved by their hardships and so happy for them and the opportunities they can now provide as a result of their partnership with habitat.

for more information on how you can help deserving families work towards a new future, check out www.habitat.org – a very worthy and honorable organization that truly changes lives – now and for generations to come!  




habitat-home-dedication-03.jpg habitat-home-dedication-06.jpg


habitat-home-dedication-05.jpg habitat-home-dedication-00.jpg


habitat-home-dedication-09.jpg habitat-home-dedication-08.jpg




habitat-home-dedication-31.jpg habitat-home-dedication-29.jpg



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  1. MK

    How WONDERFUL! These are really great, Himay! I love you and I’m so proud of all your non-profit work! xoxo!

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