i love my job.

it’s so true – just ask anyone that has worked with me, hired me, or been around me when i’m shooting – i have the time of my life when i’m weilding the camera – so for fun i thought i’d share some of the more interesting shots that have been taken of me in action…you can be assured if i’m covering your event i do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot – whether it means getting down or getting dirty – i’ve done it all. and i have a BLAST doing it.

working802.jpg working799.jpg


working788.jpg working791.jpg



working794.jpg working787.jpg

and of course, it’s all worth it because not only do i love my job, but i absolutely LOVE my brides!



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5 responses to “i love my job.

  1. how fun! thanks for sharing those happy images

  2. MK

    YAY! I knew those pics would come in handy one day. Love you, Windon!

  3. I love this blog. Seeing you in action is awesome. You are truly an amazing photographer. It makes me miss you so!

  4. These pictures are the awewsome-est! :D I love that you have total proof that you really WORK when you’re shooting! So great!

  5. Oops. Not only is “awesome-est” not a word, but I didn’t even spell it right. HA.

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