the lil’ lamb shop!

annapolis baby boutique has new owners!

congrats to kristin demarco + renee seigley – the new owners of the fabulous lil’ lamb shop in annapolis, md!

this full-service baby boutique + nursery design center has the cutest and chicest baby apparel + goodies! it’s a wonderland of color and miniature everything – the perfect place to find a special gift or totally deck out a nursery for mommies-to-be! kristin specializes in interior design and together with renee they provide simply stellar customer service.

i was so excited to swing by and see them in action – the shop is gorgeous! 3 years ago my aunt + cousin opened the boutique and it’s such a great place with fabulous energy! i’m so happy for kristin + renee and wish them the best of luck!

visit their website for more info or become fan on facebook to stay up-to-date on events + specials!


nursery designer extraordinaire kristin demarco!

lil’ lamb shop owners kristin demarco + renee seigley.



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3 responses to “the lil’ lamb shop!

  1. Phyllis Madigan

    Love all the pictures! The store looks fabulous and Kristin and Renee look stunning!

  2. Mary

    Congratulations, Kristin and Renee. The store looks great!

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