hannah + andy.


this blog is long overdue! hannah + andy tied the knot on a sublime afternoon last month in easton, maryland. everything was simply classic – including the beautiful bride! we had a fantastic engagement shoot the day before, and everyone went bowling that night after the rehearsal dinner. with all the fun anticipation, i was very excited for the big event! shooting hannah + andy’s wedding was such an honor, since i’ve gotten to know them so much better throughout this process and think the world of them both. i spent the afternoon documenting hannah’s getting ready and sneaking around with the rings and such. all the girls made the short walk to the ceremony in the spring-like weather and i had a great time capturing all their energy. hannah was glowing. but the best part was andy. andy *adores* hannah, it’s so apparent and so amazing. the moment he saw her coming down the aisle the biggest smile spread across his face, and to this day i don’t think he’s stopped smiling. (in fact i saw the happy couple just last weekend and sure enough andy = very smily! very happy!)

following the ceremony at the historical society, everyone returned to the tidewater inn for a beautiful reception where hannah + andy’s families really embraced them and offered some amazing blessings for the newlyweds. everyone was so wonderful and i feel lucky to have met them all!

hannah + andy: you guys are amazing and i’m so glad to have shared in your wedding – a true celebration of your love!

img_6992.jpg img_7000.jpg



img_7178.jpg img_7154.jpg


last-import-0.jpg last-import-1.jpg




img_7389.jpg 30d-35.jpg




img_7490.jpg img_7507.jpg



img_6957.jpg img_7026.jpg



img_8163.jpg img_8164.jpg





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6 responses to “hannah + andy.

  1. Cef

    The wedding was a great time, it was an honor just to bee there! Seriously though, an awesome wedding and even more amazing pictures. You really captured the ‘zang face’ in all its glory.. nice!

  2. The Zangs

    AMAZING!!! We’re so happy with these photos and the amazing job that you did. Your creativity and unique style is what made the pictures beautiful and timeless. We really love what you did with the rings on the honey jar! Jaime, it was our honor that you could share our special day with us. And we still haven’t stopped smiling . . . .

  3. Jessi

    those are great jaime! as were their engagement pics:)

  4. Jill knox

    Thanks for sending the pictures!!
    What a great looking couple.
    Can’t wait to hear more details when I get to Pgh

  5. Mustek

    Ahh the Zang face!! love it…Great pics Jaime!

  6. Jaime, the photos are truly spectacular !
    Andy and Hannah’s photos capture the image of the perfect happy couple that everyone imagines…
    May all their lives be filled with joy and happiness. And their love grow for one another all the rest of their days !

    thanks again so much for sharing their photos with me..

    Rev. Kim

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