tracy + aaron.

tracy and aaron are pretty much the most outrageous couple ever. they are super funny, extremely outgoing, very silly, and totally in love…not to mention totally perfect for each other.

from the moment i met them both i knew this was going to be a crazy fun wedding – they both exude energy.
we had plenty of time to take fun getting ready pictures, especially of aaron and the boys. they were goofing around in this fancy conference room and i got some great shots of them on their cell phones ;)

we headed to the national arboretum to take portraits at the capital columns – wow! it was such a striking backdrop, and the bridal party looked great. it was here that they signed the ketubah – and they were married! but wait, there’s more! back to the arbor ballroom at the washington times building for the ceremony…which was beautiful. 150 guests looked on at tracy + aaron proclaimed their love for one another…

the reception. what can i even say? this was a fabulous reception. there was crazy dancing, starting with a beautiful choreographed first dance between the bride and groom, and peaking with the awesome hava nagila. there was also a hilarious performance by the groom’s brother (and best man), and brother-in-law where they (in keeping with tradition!) rapped to the couple. it was spectacular. they even donned sunglasses while rapping. tracy and aaron (and everyone else) howled with laughter and then gave them huge round of applause.

the biggest hit was – without a doubt – the photo booth. guests loved taking their picture in this party booth, and then pasting the images into the guestbook. tracy and aaron even made their way into the booth a couple of times – once with mk and i! it was so much fun…

at the very end of the night we took them into the tunnel that passes under new york avenue where they posed for pictures and generally acted silly while we snapped away. it was such a great time…

to tracy + aaron: thank you so much for letting me be part of your awesome wedding…it was beyond fun…i seriously had the time of my life and am thrilled just to have spent the day with you both. your love and energy is truly inspiring, and you have amazing friends and family. i wish nothing but the best for you both and all the exciting adventures to come…mazel tov!























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  2. MK

    can you believe we were at this wedding?!

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