alex funk.


last night i had dinner with my good friend alex funk, who in addition to being dashingly handsome and hilariously funny, is a ridiculously talented dj.

it was so great to see him and catch up – between our schedules it takes nothing short of sheer luck for us to be able to hang out. he’s such a big deal now, and i’m so excited for him – he played the main stage at pride in baltimore this year, and is booking such cool gigs, in addition to playing local venues all around dc and b-more. his music totally gets me moving (a challenging task, see #3 below) not to mention he has an AMAZING remix of “ice, ice baby” (see #2 below).

we started laughing about an awesome photo shoot we did in the beginning of the year at his former studio – a massive warehouse in east baltimore. it was a blast running around the building and shooting in such a raw, industrial space, and then he spun for a while and i snapped away. those were pre-blogging days and i wanted to share a couple of our favorites…including the one above on his website. check him out at…GET FUNK!






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2 responses to “alex funk.

  1. MK

    What a cool guy! Nice job, Jaime!

  2. Jaime is hands down one of my favorite people on the planet. Pretty, funny, and passionate, what more could a man ask for?

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