bidemi + adrian.

bidemi and adrian’s wedding was exceptional.

first of all, it was a true, all out celebration of love and family, seeped in old african tradition. the festivities began earlier in the week with parties every night leading up to the ceremony – family and friends came from all over the world to attend this wedding, from across the states, europe, africa, and beyond.

the thursday before the ceremony MK and i attended a very traditional pre-wedding ritual event at bidemi’s house, giving us the opportunity to meet her family and understand more about their heritage and culture. both bidemi and adrian are from sierra leone, and are actually moving back there in the fall. their families and friends were so warm and fun, it made me want to visit west africa more than ever – although being at the wedding felt like we were in africa, it was great.

after a methodist church ceremony, it was on to the wild reception…everyone looked absolutely amazing in all their colorful, unique outfits, many changing into traditional african dress for the reception, including the wedding party and bidemi and adrian, who emerged in bright green and gold, looking stunning surrounded by the massive crowd on the dance floor.

the dance floor! it was like riding a wave in there! everyone was grooving, and bidemi made it her mission to dance with every guest, and since the party went on until the early morning, i’m sure she probably did!

the celebration was fantastic: but above all else, i was profoundly struck by how much adrian absolutely adores bidemi. he never took his eyes off her, and he started his speech by first pausing to kiss her, saying “i have always wanted to put the entire world on hold for bidemi” and then added ” i also have always wanted to start a speech by saying ‘my wife and i’…” and you could see just how proud he was, and how much he really meant it. when adrian wasn’t gazing at his beautiful bride he was on stage with the microphone urging the crowd to dance with and admire “my gorgeous wife!” the photos really show his enthusiasm and energy, espcially the ones where he is lifted up by the crowd withhis arms spread wide: a moment of sheer exhiliration.

“love never loses it’s way home” – that was the theme of the wedding. how perfect. here are two people who found their way to each other and in turn back to their roots – their families have apparently been friends for hundreds of years, and will continue on as adrian and bidemi begin their married life back in sierra leone.

what a wedding! i loved the tradition, i loved the closeness of the families, and i loved being a part of bidemi and adrian’s wedding!





















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  1. MK

    These are amazingly beautiful. I am SO lucky to have you around! xoxo.

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