plain white t’s @ the 9:30 club

not quite a safari…but a photo opportunity nonetheless…
taking inspiration from my photog friend kyle (check out his sweet pics here) i secured a press pass and shot this band from chicago last friday at the 9:30 club in dc…the plain white t’s…
unfortunately, a press pass only grants front-and-center access for the first three songs, so for about 9 minutes i snapped away with a fast 50mm lens and hoped for the best…

the light show was challenging, but i really like the colors it produced in the images…my fave is the very first of the lead singer solo…also love the glowing screens of cell phones held overhead by the crowd in the last shot…funny how things can change so much, yet essentially remain the same…a combination of technology and the dc smoking ban, but regardless, the band played on…







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