wildlife photos.

some of my favorite images of the amazing wildlife of south africa…

a baboon snacks on grass at hluhluwe-imfolozi.

penguins pruning at boulders beach.

an endangered samango monkey mothers her newborn in cape vidal.

a family of elephants visits a waterhole in addo.

a pair of zebras slip away from the group.

giraffes grazing at sunrise.

a cape buffalo (surprisingly) not encrusted by mud.

a warthog patiently poses for a picture.



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3 responses to “wildlife photos.

  1. dad

    jaime, just a reminder to tell me when you’re out in the wild jungle so i dont have to find out by looking @ pictures after the fact. trying not to give me a stroke/heartattack? good for you. you’re great!!!! love dad………………….

  2. Rose

    Jaime, how much would you charge me for that elephant print? They are my eldest’s favorite animal!

  3. Hey Jaime,

    I don’t know what to say. Everything in here (including pictures) are very chic and impressive. You have a particular taste and energy:)

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