arrival in africa!

after nearly 24 hours of travel and a transfer at the johannesburg airport, we arrived in cape town late friday night. regardless of the steady downpour and chilly temperatures (still at least 50 degrees warmer than the weather on the east coast of the states) the streets of cape town were thronged with people partying- most of them relishing in the live acid blues blaring from within our hostel. locating the late night security ( not so secure) and receiving our key we were quick to unload our bags and clean up. despite having not slept decently and imbibing only alcoholic beverages since we left the states, we deemed it best to hit the town. not that we had an option, the party was basically in our hallway. so at 1am local time we set out- cef totally amped, i a bit sketched- in search of food and some action.

the main drag reminds me of bourbon street, with a european flair, and slightly less people in the streets. most of the buildings feature a second story balcony with people smoking and drinking, the party within seeping its way out with them. we wound up strolling the streets up and down a few times, warding off the street children begging for money, and finally ducked into ‘stones’ – where we took seats at the bar and met our first south african friend. aiden was absolutely amused by our accents and america in general- trading stories with cef about 24 and laguna beach, while mocking me for drinking the laborers’ beer, my choice when presented with MGD or budweiser. i, however, relished in knowing i was drinking the beer of the people, the south african natty boh if you will. later that evening i even did shots of the local favorite- a mix of black buca and apple pucker, pre-mixed and served warm. eventually retiring at well past 4am, once the streets began to quiet down, i finally fell asleep in africa, although cape town surely doesnt feel like the africa most imagine.

determined (but not able) to beat jet lag and fall in step with local time, we arose promptly at 2pm. the lingering rain left the monumental table mountain shrouded in mist, which remained even when the sun broke through in the afternoon. the weather was amazing- cool despite the strong sun, and incredibly clear and vivid. we headed north to the waterfront to mingle in the saturday crowds shopping, eating and lounging alongside the water. the harbor was full of action, and put us in the mind of an american port city, with more flair and beauty. we enjoyed a long lunch and beers at a dockside restaurant, and afterwards walked around the area admiring the street performers, the array of colorful boats set against the skyline of the city, and even catching a few glimpses of playful seals below.

after snapping my first (and fabulous) photographs and watching the sun begin to set, we headed back to long street for a great dinner in a small euro-style cafe. after a few drinks, we call it a night in anticipation of our early morning and full-day tour of the area wineries.

so far cape town is a delight, however the wilderness and wildlife of africa await.



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11 responses to “arrival in africa!

  1. Michelle

    It’s true…you can die from jealousy. Hold on…uuuggggghhhh…croaking…
    Miss you both. It sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see pictures! My birthday is June 4, and I would like a photo of a bunch of Afrikaner kids!!
    ~Lonely at 3123…

  2. did she say Africaner?

  3. mamasita

    was so relieved to hear your voice after such a long long flight! looking forward to every story you write… take care of each other…i love you very much!

  4. Denise

    sounds so wonderful – I can only imagine it all in my mind from your descriptions…..can’t wait to read more. Be safe



  5. Michelle

    For willy:

    Library > Words > Dictionary
    Af·ri·ka·ner (ăf’rĭ-kä’nər)
    An Afrikaans-speaking South African of European ancestry, especially one descended from 17th-century Dutch settlers. Largely settled in South Africa.

  6. casey

    sounds absolutely amazing! be safe and i look forward to reading more about your adventures!

  7. Jonathan

    Very excited for you guys, have great trip…
    Can’t wait to see the pics, you taking the elephants and lions, cef taking care of the rodent kingdom!

  8. i never said it wasn’t right

  9. Michelle

    I like Willy!! I miss you both. It’s supposed to snow here – I’m guessing a flat of mist over an incredible mountain table might beat that…
    Be safe!

  10. dad

    dear jaime so sorry i missed your call. glad to read about your travels so far will try to read as often as possible .i’m at the library since i dont have access @ home be safe & enjoy i love you, dad
    ps watch the shots and the beers , bye honey will write you soon!!!!!!!!

  11. Chris London

    Hey glad to hear you arrived safe and sound and got from snowey washington to sun kissed S.A.

    Keep having fun, and keep writing! It makes my morning cup of coffee so much better reading about being anywhere but London at the mo’

    Take it easy, and keep on thinking why do monkeys smile all the time?

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