the return of the pink flamingo.

giving b’more the bird.

the big pink bird once again adorns the exterior of the beloved cafe hon.

last night i attended the awesome pink flamingo re-release at cafe hon in hampden, one of my favorite baltimore neighborhoods! after much controversy, the iconic pink bird was re-affixed to the cafe’s facade, after a short-lived hiatus, looking more fabulous than ever! cafe hon owner denise whiting welcomed the crowd – a sea of excited faces draped in pink boas and waving plastic pink flamingoes – and led everyone in the pledge of allegiance and the flamingo dance! whiting then introduced mayor sheila dixon who did the honors – tugging on a feathered boa which dropped the large tarp and unveiled the shiny new bird. the ever-amazing charlene osborne – baltimore’s best hon 2009 – was present in all her hon glory, posing for her adoring fans and spreading her fantastic energy.

it was a hontastic celebration and media frenzy and i loved being a part of it! oh yeah, and afterwards john waters gave me a hug outside of rocket to venus. it doesn’t get any more bawlmer than that, hon.


flamingo power. like flower power, but pinker. and more radical.

baltimore’s best hon 2009 charlene osborne with the little hampden hons!

cafe hon owner denise whiting welcomed the crowd.

baltimore’s best hon 2009 charlene osborne does the flamingo dance!

…and cafe hon owner denise whiting joins in!

baltimore mayor sheila dixon spoke about the importance of supporting local businesses.

mayor dixon did the honors!

i *love* little hons!

mayor dixon posed for photos! while wearing a pink boa!

baltimore’s best hon 2009 charlene osborne with the newly unveiled flamingo!

denise whiting: mission accomplished!



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