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a few of my favorite things…

polaroid fun with POLADROID!

a new twist on the classic one-of-a-kind camera!

blonde-photo-2019-pola blonde-photo-6613-pola1

img_5810-pola img_0577-pola

cricket-3242-pola jme-john-la-1345-pola

just a small sample of some of my favorite *new* poladroids…yes, thats poladroid, not polaroid…poladroid is a program that allows you to create polaroid images from any digital file! it’s awesome! i love my polaroid cameras and i treasure the unique images that they produce, but this is so much fun! i can take my favorite high-res images and tweak them to look like polaroid originals! the actual application is an icon of a polaroid camera on your desktop that you drag images onto…within seconds it “pops” out the photo and you wait for it to develop right before your eyes! it even messes with the color and exposure, resulting in a unique new image! 

i’m in love.

*favorite things include, from top: my favorite wedding image from 2008, me being crazy on the streets of dc, funky random art, my dear 22-year-old cat cricket, and my awesome man with me in los angeles for the EOS launch party.*


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