kristi + jon: married!

love + laughter on the chesapeake bay.

kristi + jon are married!

when it comes to love + laughter, kristi + jon take the cake! this absolutely exuberant couple tied the knot two weeks ago at the chesapeake bay beach club in stevensville, md. i’ve been anticipating this day since i first photographed them almost a year ago at an amazing farm on gibson island – by far one of the most fun + memorable engagement sessions ever! (check it out here!) it’s impossible to explain the kind of energy that this couple effortlessly radiates – everything about them is wonderful and together they are a force unlike any other! i knew their wedding would be spectacular – and the entire day was thrilling. watching kristi + jon celebrate together with their awesome family + friends was pure joy. the dance floor was completely off the chain and i had the time of my life. there wasn’t a moment when kristi + jon weren’t smiling, laughing or kissing and i’m so excited to share the images from this spectacular lovefest!

kristi + jon: i think the world of you both. your love, passion and excitement is inspiring. simply put, you are the reason i do what i do. thank you for welcoming me into your lives – i can’t wait to follow your journey and document every milestone along the way!



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5-star vendor reviews!

the chesapeake bay beach club :: fantastic venue on the water in stevensville, md!

derek romanoff :: fantastic DJ + great guy – totally rocked the dance floor!

intrigue designs :: stunning florals!



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6 responses to “kristi + jon: married!

  1. love it love it love it!

  2. Jon

    jaime we can’t thank you enough – i’m really out of words to describe how happy we are. Thank yous simply aren’t enough – maybe we’ll find a way to get you connected with Peace of Cake !

  3. Totally. Awesome. Such a pretty couple. Great shots, as always.

  4. Joan Martini

    Jaime, Thank you for sharing and capturing every precious moment of Kristi and Jon’s special day! I truely cannot wait to see more! You are an amazing person who has an awesome God given talent! Welcome to our family!!!! I know we will be blessed with having you with us for many more special occasions!

  5. LOVE. you captured so much joy and happiness…phenomenal images. one of my favorite blonde photo weddings :)

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