happy new year, with love.

ringing in the new year with love.

sneak peek! karin + ted: married – washington, dc.



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4 responses to “happy new year, with love.

  1. Happy New Year. So I’m still sort of new to the whole WordPress Navigation, but I just searched for photography and your page was near the top of the list.

    Just wanted to tell you that your photos and attitude towards life are awesome! Also, the whole look of your blog and the way your words are expressed are great. I’m really diggin’ your style.

    Alright, I’ll leave you with your own quote, even though you probably don’t need anyone to tell you, “Have more fun!”


  2. Both shots are just beautiful, but I love LOVE the shot of the rings. Well done. :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. What a great photo of Karin and Ted, Jaime! You can’t even tell it was below freezing outside. ;-) So looking forward to seeing the rest of your (fabulous I’m sure!) images!

  4. love how you show the rings! :)
    keep up the good shots!
    sending plenty of hugs for 2010!

    *may i know which dslr you use for ur photos?*

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