critical exposure: in the classroom!


i love critical exposure! i had the privilege of attending another class with the amazing jahi wise + emma nolan-abrahamian, to speak to their students about photography! this summer critical exposure is working with the higher achievement program in dc. as an elective, the photography class is the last period of the school day and lasts about one hour. on wednesday i talked with the students about portraits and they tried their hand at using digital SLRs – many for the very first time!

the kids, 5th-8th graders, partnered up and broke into little photog teams – taking turns being photographers and models! i snapped away the entire period, giving pointers and ideas to the students, reminding them to look through the camera (not just at the back like regular point + shoots!) and encouraged them to zoom in, get close, and interact with their subjects. earlier that week they learned about environmental portraits and will be working on that over the course of the class. they are also learning about composition, technique and lighting, and will even be constructing pin-hole cameras next week! so cool.

for more on critical exposure click HERE.


jahi wise, one of the amazing instructors!











the entire class!

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critical exposure :: the power of photography

critical exposure :: gallery opening!

critical exposure :: in the classroom!

critical exposure :: photo students!



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7 responses to “critical exposure: in the classroom!

  1. SOO cool himay! I LOVE this! i wanna come play!

  2. Wow! Some great pics. Real people are always the best source to photograph. I really enjoyed your photos.

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