12 responses to “narda + todd: engaged!

  1. AHH these are my inspiration for our DC shoot at the end of May! YAY!

  2. Narda

    Oh My Gosh!!! These are awesome. Thank you so much I absolutely love them!

  3. Tif

    These are absolutely amazing shots! You can just see the love emanating from this beautiful couple! It brought tears to my eyes!!!!!!!

    He’s her lobster! :)

  4. Kelsey

    You guys both look awesome. I’m so glad they turned out so well!

  5. Christina

    THESE ARE SO GOOD! Omg they brought tears to my eyes, you both are so happy! : ) Congrats Narda these pics are awesome!

  6. VEEP

    I LOVEEEEE them!!!! Nardita and Todd are such a GORG couple! Love the last shot with Harley

  7. fabulous – as usual. :)

  8. Antie Patti

    Soooooo happy for you!
    I have looked at them three times, like the black and white pictures the best. Very proud of you both. Big Love

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  10. Tia Connie

    you both look fabulous. Hard to pick one, the black and white where you both are seatting and the one with you dog in color are so sweet.


  11. Phyllis

    These are great photos – love the b&w sitting against the brick wall! We’re happy for you both – missing you in Elk Grove, the Mendenhalls

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