blonde goodies!

lip balm from LL2B.

things that are fun = blonde photo lip balm.

i came across these fabulous lip balms from LL2B a few weeks ago thanks to the fabulous devon at districtweddings. the raspberry buttercream was decadent and i pretty much love the idea of my logo on anything and everything! after checking out LL2B’s website + etsy shop i just had to order my very own! i can’t say enough wonderful things about leigh at LL2B – she’s creative, courteous, attentive, and FAST! love, love, love LL2B.



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13 responses to “blonde goodies!

  1. Cricket

    It only took one swipe of the paw to knock down the bowling pins. Strike!


  2. Lindsey

    How do I buy one of these cute little lip gloss thingys??! Anything to support my fave photog ;)

  3. k.a.s.

    wants one. also want’s cee’s pawograph. very famous ketteh.

  4. Whoa whoa…whats next, clothes? EOS is worried :)

  5. MK

    I LOVE MINE! I’ve used it 10 times already today :)

  6. Denise

    ohh I love this – save one for me – maybe we should have a special “cricket” gloss

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