brynn: lifestyle family session.

baby makes three.


hello baby brynn!

it was such a delight to spend the morning photographing this lovely family – i love lifestyle sessions because i get the chance to observe and document family life + love and capture such awesome moments!

to me photography is like life: best appreciated for the moments in between – the emotion, the laughter, even the tears – and i think its amazing to preserve actual memories, not just staged photos. i always love a few really nice family photos, but i adore how expressive *these* photos are, capturing brynn’s incredibly inquisitive gaze, her intense dislike of hats, her big wide yawn (love!) and her tranquil sleepiness. in turn, i absolutely love seeing the reactions and expressions on her parents’ faces in every image – they look at her with admiration, awe, concern, and such incredible, unconditional love. it’s easy to see why family is so special and how our lives are truly shaped by the love we share.

here’s to babies – little bundles of joy (and tears, and laughter, and everything else you can imagine!)




brynn may be an annapolitan baby, but her parents hail from TEXAS!









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6 responses to “brynn: lifestyle family session.

  1. abrilferguson

    Ok that crying face with the crab hat on is ridic. Love it.

  2. Kat

    My fave is the one of happy parents in bed and baby with a HUGE yawn! Precious. More beautiful pictures, you have such an incredible combination of passion, creativity and skill which make your pictures just amazing.

  3. Sunny617

    The pic on the couch of her wailing her head off is perhaps the cutest baby pic I’ve ever seen. What a cutie…great pics, Jaime.

  4. Cef

    These are some of my favorite pics ever!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this session. incredible captures. that second one of the baby crying and the cowboy hat one are my favorites. now i know who i’m calling when i pop one out :)

  6. Ronna

    we LOVE these pics of our sweet, sweet brynn. thanks so much for capturing her in so many wonderful ways – we couldn’t be happier! :)

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