23 responses to “jessica + holly: almost married!

  1. calangill

    These are adorable! Great pics. :)

  2. love those big iron doors on dupont circle! great post jaime.

  3. These are very cute shots!! The last 2 are my favorite:) Also, a very powerful post!! Great job Jaime!!

  4. Kim

    you give me goosebumps, himay. great post. great pictures. lotsa love.

  5. mamasita

    have i told you lately how VERY PROUD i am of you? well i am more and more every day! i love you…you are awesome!

  6. Nicole

    beautiful shots (as usual)
    and i believe in your right to speak your mind
    in fact, i very much enjoy listening to you do so :)

  7. Fantastic pix of some of my favorite people, and also a great commentary. As a Californian, I’m ecstatic re Obama becoming our president-elect but terribly disappointed re Prop. 8. I feel so hopeful for many reasons, though, still, and I think at some point — maybe even sooner than we think — it will be just a distant memory that not everyone could marry legally nationwide. I believe it! I just wish it was *right now* so they could come out here and get married in SF!

  8. nicole: i couldn’t agree with you more! i am so dismayed by proposition 8 and all those who support dictating the lives of others.

    mamasita, kim, and (the other) nicole: thank you. your support and awesome comments mean the world to me.

  9. J

    Keep living the American dream Jaime… and keep producing beautiful pics!

  10. kate

    we will get there. we are getting there. i appreciate your sentiment and add to it only that “we are responsible”. despite the conditions that have been left for us to contend with in our cities, in our legal system and in our vast and sometimes ill social-structure, it is our responsibility to shape the future.

    it is said that the worth of a society is measured by the manner in which it treats its weakest member. to that end, and in the interest of change, fortunately time is on our side.

    we’ll be thinking of you in boston next weekend :)

  11. MK

    wonderful! xoxo! i am so proud to have a friend like you!!!

  12. Kat

    Jamie, you are great, great, great! We need more people like you around. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  13. A very inspiring post! Cute couple, sounds like it’ll be a sweet wedding!

  14. Jessica

    jaime! we love the photos and are so so proud to have you as our photographer. it’s ppl like you–with your beliefs, courage and hopes–that make true and lasting change in this world. we can’t wait to see you this weekend.
    lots of love, jessica & holly

  15. Sunny617

    Well said. Here’s to love!!

  16. Obamas Baby Momma

    HOLY MOLY!!!!!!! Not only are these some of my FAVORITE PICTURES EVERRRR…..OBAMA is in the first PICTURE!!!!! They look FABULOUS and he tops it off…..BEST PICTURE EVEEERRRR

  17. love your words and love these shots. can’t wait to see their wedding pics!

  18. Liz

    I love everything about this. The pics are phemomenal as usual, the blog very eloquently written and the love that you captured so pure and obvious. Love it all! Keep it coming!
    Oh and congrats to the ladies getting married!

  19. Denise

    jaime you are such a kind heart. if only there were more people in the world like you. i am proud to know you.


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  21. wonderful post. wonderful photographs. You are just and right to fight for the rights of other, Jaime. Dont’ let anyone tell you differently! Keep up the wonderful work!

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