brownie meeting: travel right!

the blonde photographer meets the brownies.

i was so excited to attend my very first brownie meeting this week! one of my wonderful clients and friends melinda leads a local brownie troop and asked me to come speak to the girls as they prepare to earn the travel right badge and plan for their upcoming camping trip!

i had a great time at the meeting and i loved their enthusiasm and interest in photography and all of their many questions! we talked about traveling and the importance of keeping a journal and taking photos as a means to tell a story. some of the girls brought cameras with them and i showed them a few tricks ;)

i’m so happy melinda asked me to come and so thankful that she snapped this *great* shot of me with the girls!




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8 responses to “brownie meeting: travel right!

  1. MK

    SO stinkin’ cute! Love it!

  2. Michelle

    Toooo cute! What a fun refreshing photo shoot to have!

  3. Melinda

    Yay! The girls are going to be so excited when they see that they’re famous. Thanks for joining our meeting!
    Brownie Troop 3661 & Melinda

  4. Great post Jaime! Looked like a lot of fun!

  5. mamasita

    WOW! looks like alot of fun…i’m so happy to see you having fun and sharing with others…you make me so proud!

  6. kseidlphoto


  7. Sheryl

    Adorable pics!

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