margie + jeff: engagement photos.

an afternoon engagement in the park.

i had a delightful evening with margie + jeff at montrose park in georgetown a few weeks ago…early evening light gives the park a very dark and romantic feel, and the photos are simply gorgeous. margie + jeff are going to have a fantastically fun wedding at the end of august and i can’t wait! i’m on vacation as of next week and theirs is one of the first weddings i have after my long (much needed!) hiatus from this very busy wedding season! enjoy!




margie + jeff also had a little fun with my cameras ;)

*also* a big thanks to jessi ringer – a fabulous chick and spankin’ new photog from knoxville who spent the weekend shooting with me…she was an absolute pleasure to have with me and she took some great photos! check out her pics from this session here! thanks jessi!



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5 responses to “margie + jeff: engagement photos.

  1. Margie

    these are UNBELIEVEABLE!! You are going to be so famous and we can say we know you!!

  2. you are too funny! i’m so glad you love them!!

  3. Thanks for having me!!

  4. kas


    by the time i get married (if ever) i won’t be able to afford you.

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