my mom is an all star.

a very happy mother’s day.

it’s true, my mom is an all star. she totally rocks and i had the best time hanging out with her today. mother’s day wasn’t much different than any other day for us, because my mom is a huge part of my life. we talk on the phone and e-mail everyday, go out to dinner often, and do fun/cultural/adventurous things together as much as possible. the only different thing about today was that we fully acknowledged the reason why we have this amazing relationship: because she is a phenomenal mother.

i am so thankful for all the love and guidance she has given me, and especially grateful for the unfaltering encouragement on all my many (and varied) adventures. i admire her for her strength and resolve, her patience and faith, and her incredible dedication to those in need. she is hard-working, independent, and strong willed. she is sassy, funny, and beautiful. she is my biggest fan, my greatest role model, and my best friend.

i am so proud that this woman is my mother.

in addition to all these things, she is also a great photographer, and today i surprised her with a sweet digital canon rebel and a few fun lenses! i’m pretty sure i was almost as excited about the camera as she was! it’s so cute…like a mini version of my 5D, and it takes great photos! and check out the amazing job raven at pulp in logan circle did of wrapping everything up – pulp has the absolute best gift wrap selection + service ever!



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8 responses to “my mom is an all star.

  1. Cef

    I predict hundreds of regal Sammy pics!

  2. mamasita

    jaime, thanks for the wonderful day of fun, food and awesome gifts…but, i am YOUR biggest fan! can’t wait to shoot you!

    thanks MK for your part of the gift, that was so awesome, can’t wait to use it! you two are the BEST!!!

  3. MK

    You’re welcome, Mamasita! Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. k.s.

    this is the most adorable post ever. i want to see the camera! you talk about how cute he is but we don’t get to see him…

  5. Marc and Ani

    Happy Mother’s Day !
    What a happy Mom & Daughter duo you are…
    We love you both.
    Jaime your talent is undeniable and it is not only art, it is so fun!
    Ps: We are printing your blogs for G’ma.

  6. HOLY goodness! You’re twiners! CUTENESS!

    Yay for mamas!

  7. kseidlphoto

    how adorable are those shoes??

  8. sister

    i love my beautiful momma too!

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