matt + jonelle: engaged!


i had an absolute BLAST photographing matt + jonelle in NYC last weekend…they just got engaged and are so ecstatic! it was so much fun just being around them and capturing their incredible energy. they were up for anything and matt is so crazy he made us laugh many times over. he definitely did the best jump shot i’ve ever seen and they even broke out dancing in the middle of the street when a passing car cranked up the volume for us!! check out this AWESOME couple – matt + jonelle: you guys ROCK!


matt-jo-epics1.jpg matt-jo-epics6.jpg


matt-jo-epics2.jpg matt-jo-epics3.jpg


matt-jo-epics8.jpg matt-jo-epics4.jpg

matt-jo-epics9.jpg matt-jo-epics11.jpg


matt-jo-epics12.jpg matt-jo-epics19.jpg


matt-jo-epics13.jpg matt-jo-epics14.jpg

matt-jo-epics18.jpg matt-jo-epics17.jpg




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13 responses to “matt + jonelle: engaged!

  1. Jonelle

    Jaime these are fabulous! We love them all! Thanks so much for doing this! We had such a great time with you and could not have asked for better pictures! You are truly talented!

  2. Zang

    You did it again! awesome. But why didn’t I get to do a jump shot!?!

    Matt & Jo – best of luck! You guys do, in fact, rock!

  3. Bobby

    Absolutely beautiful pics! I love the green birds/kiss pic!

  4. Hannah

    These photos really capture each of your personalities…down-to-earth, energetic, & happy! You both are such beautiful people! Jaime, simply, you’re a genius.

  5. Aunt Julie

    Beautiful , beautiful pictures, but not that hard when you are working with such beautiful people!
    Be happy always!!

  6. Rev Dr. Mustich

    what wonderful picture of two beautiful people having fun and in love what could be better. you captured their energy, their spirit and their love. i can’t wait for the wedding to officially welcome my new daughter-in-law and to join our two families.

  7. Cef

    These turned out awesome! It was freezing cold, but you can’t tell from the pics. Thanks for letting me tag along!

  8. Mom Mustich

    Jaime you are incredible. You’ve captured Matt & Jonelle’s lust for life and love for each other beautifully. Looking at them makes you want to fall in love again and again. Can’t wait to see what
    magic you unfold at the wedding! Loves in the air & we love them both!

  9. YAY for matt + jonelle!!

    i *love* these pics and i’m so happy everyone feels the same way! what a FANTASTIC couple!


  10. Kim

    i love the birds and the cherries! you rock.

  11. Cousin Fran

    Hi Matt & Jonelle, You guys look absolutely delightful. All the best always. We can’t wait to join in the fun at your wedding. We’re all wishing you much happiness always. Love, All your Fitzgerald Cousins


    Hey guys…I’m touched by all that huggy-kissy stuff, but my fave is the one that so aptly states: CHAOS IS COMING!!!!! Good luck to the both of you….especially dealing with that Rev. Dr. guy…

  13. Lauren

    I absolutely loved the pictures- you both look gorgeous and it looked like so much fun!!

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