hannah + andy: engagement photos.

i had so much fun with hannah + andy…we ran around the adorable little town of easton, md trying to squeeze in an engagement session the day before their wedding! between last minute planning and the rehearsal dinner we only had an hour, but we made the most of it and took advantage of the oddly warm february weather and got some really fun shots around town…enjoy!



ha-epics-0208-26.jpg ha-epics-0208-28.jpg


ha-epics-0208-25.jpg ha-epics-0208-22.jpg


ha-epics-0208-35.jpg ha-epics-0208-39.jpg




these might be my favorites…
ha-epics-0208-570.jpg ha-epics-0208-59.jpg
ha-epics-0208-620.jpg ha-epics-0208-58.jpg

i *love* how silly they got!

ha-epics-0208-15.jpg ha-epics-0208-17.jpg

ha-epics-0208-49.jpg ha-epics-0208-55.jpg




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6 responses to “hannah + andy: engagement photos.

  1. Cef

    Love the white wall backdrop!

  2. marcia

    these photos are great, so creative! I’m a personal friend of the Zang’s. You really captured who Andy and Hannah are. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics.

  3. thanks marcia!

    that means so much to me…i really do try and capture their personalities – wedding pics are coming soon!


  4. Hannah & Andy

    Jaime, We are so happy with how these photos turned out! We love the white back drop and my parents love the Idlewild Park photos. Everyone cannot wait for the wedding photos! We have had so many compliments on your pictures and your rapport with the guests. Thank you again, Jaime, this truly meant the world to us.

  5. to my fantastic newlyweds: you are most welcome – it was an absolute pleasure!!

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