free rice.

“give free rice to hungry people by playing a simple word game.”


the very simple and honorable mission of my new favorite website – – which is actively working to put an end to world hunger – one word at a time.

for every word that you correctly define on the site, advertising dollars purchase 20 grains of rice through the united nations to help end world hunger.

the united nations estimates that the cost to end world hunger completely, along with diseases related to hunger and poverty, is about $195 billion a year. so far 22 countries have joined together to attain this goal. is the sister site to – designed so that people can learn quickly about hunger and poverty. this site is pretty powerful, and both have a ton of interesting information.

i love this site and within just a few minutes donated about 4000 grains of rice and learned a ton of new words – including: circumlocutory = wordy!

try it today…you’ll be glad you did.



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4 responses to “free rice.

  1. k.s.

    and i got no work done for a good hour…

  2. k.s.

    but i’m now up to 2400 grains!!!

  3. i couldnt *love* this anymore! it’s so great!

  4. sm

    this might be bad news for my productivity…

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