on the streets: NOLA day 2.

the streets of the french quarter.




nola-day-2-055.jpg nola-day-2-04.jpg

how the streets see me…

art everywhere…YAY!


nola-day-2-08.jpg nola-day-2-09.jpg


the streetcar along charles st.
nola-day-2-11.jpg nola-day-2-12.jpg

the garden district.

the final word.



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10 responses to “on the streets: NOLA day 2.

  1. Beautiful shots. Great feel to them. Glad I clicked over to see them.

    Happy New Year!

  2. great shots, thanks for sharing

  3. MK

    omg, so cute! I *love* the pic of you and john. So adorable! Look at how he’s looking at you! awwwwwwwh.

    Coming back to DC tomorrow!!!

  4. Chris

    I love the way he is looking at you too! I can feel the love. Happy New Year!

  5. heehee – not sure if its a look of love or complete exasperation… ;)

    john totally thinks it’s crazy that i take photos of everything all the time – it’s nice to have at least one of us together for a change – happy new year everyone!

  6. k.s.

    i think it’s a look of adoration. it’s how i look at my little himay doll… oh wait… i don’t have one YET.

    himay and nola = bff.

  7. Jonathan

    Sweet picks hi-may…And i didn’t know you and cef have been going out since ’93? haha

  8. lol – what do you think it suggests – juan + himay?

    i just liked the wood and coloring – no hidden message applies!

  9. Jonathan

    John + Himay …Only one of you is spanish!

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