benazir bhutto.

former prime minister benazir bhutto was assassinated today in pakistan.

benazir bhutto in rawalpindi, pakistan © AP.

this news fills me with great sorrow and despair for many reasons, least of which being that i believe bhutto represented hope for a country that is entrenched in deep despair.

benazir bhutto was a harvard and oxford-educated politician, and the first female prime minister elected in the muslim world. she hoped to regain leadership and fight extremist opposition to free her country from the grip of taliban terror, but was tragically slain just 12 days before the election. a suicide bomber shot her in the neck and chest, then blew himself up – killing at least 20 innocent bystanders.

pakistan is currently in a state of chaos.

to read more about bhutto’s life and politics, as well as the latest news from pakistan please visit click here to read bhutto’s blog for the huffington post before her return to pakistan.

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