mistletoe + cocktails.

i had the pleasure of photographing the 5th annual mistletoe & cocktails party (for the second year in a row) at the paper moon in georgetown…it’s been quite awhile since i’ve shot a party, and it was great to see so many familiar faces in the crowd…all the usual suspects were seen and noted and captured on camera, looking ever-so-glamorous and bursting with holiday cheer, or was it champagne…? nearly everyone asked where i’ve been and one guy even told me “it was an honor” to finally meet me, that i’m “like a legend.” LOL! the blonde photographer strikes again! hopefully the great pics from tonight will do me and my reputation justice…either way, it was a great night, thanks to all the santa-hat wearers and fancy holiday dresses, as well as dj bryan gomes who easily won me over by playing ice, ice baby…excellent! and even though someone referring to me as a “legend” is pretty awesome, the quote of the night still goes to the dapper young man (who shall remain nameless) who made my night when he hilariously described himself as “half man, half amazing.”

a big YAY for holiday parties!

the venue…

the hosts…

the santas…
misteltoe-28.jpg last-roll-011.jpg




the ladies…





the party…

misteltoe-14.jpg misteltoe-13.jpg



and, of course, the mistletoe…
library-654.jpg library-665.jpg

*guests: click here…to view/order/enjoy all photos from the event!*


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