christmas time in the city…

it’s december! so i went out and bought a christmas tree – because yes, even single girls that live in studio apartments should have their own christmas tree. nevermind that i own no decorations (except for one tiny pair of peruvian dolls i bought in s. america) – little white lights alone look just fantastic on the lush green branches…
so i went to the garden district, my neighborhood urban garden shop, and selected a perfect little 5ft. fraser fir. everyone tried (unsuccessfully) to convice me to get a mini-tree, a tabletop-size version, but i wouldn’t have it. the tree looks perfect in my place and so far the cat hasn’t attacked it – although late last night i caught her drinking the water…

happy holidays!



xmas-tree-02.jpg xmas-tree-333.jpg




library-571.jpg library-572.jpg



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