ramona + jimale.

ramona + jimale. what a wedding! on a beatiful saturday afternoon these two tied the knot at the newton white mansion in front of their closest family and friends. they are such a cute couple, and so amazingly photogenic – it was a joy to photograph them.
mk and i arrived early to document the getting ready for both the bride and the groom – there was so much excitement going on just rooms apart! we arranged for ramona and jimale to see each other before the ceremony, so i took him outside and had him wait patiently for ramona…they both looked incredible and as we did their portraits it was obvious how truly in love they were.
the ceremony was very emotional, starting with ramona’s dad. he was all smiles as they started out, but as they turned to take that walk down the aisle it hit him, his little girl was getting married! the tears started…
sadly, jimale’s dad had passed away and in his place he hung a framed photo in a chair next to his mother. in contrast to his joy of marrying ramona you could see how difficult it was for him not to have his father present. however, it was easy to see how close he was to his mother, and how proud she was of him.
the reception was an all-out party! the parents and bridal party danced their way into the room, setting the tone for everyone to get down! there was some serious “hammer time” and the guys weren’t shy about performing seemingly choregraphed moves on the dancefloor. ramona + jimale danced and mingled, and the smiles never left their faces. they were glowing and excited – and i am certain they will have a wonderful life together.
a bubble send-off saw them out and into their white convertible – and off to mexico for a fabulous honeymoon!






















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2 responses to “ramona + jimale.

  1. Ruthie

    These are just wonderful… looks like such a fun, love-filled day!

  2. The little girl in the fifth photo is really beautiful. There is something about that photo that makes you have to stop and look at it.

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