i have seen this post on literally every photography blog i read, and so it was only a matter of time before it made its way around to me i suppose…

so i’ve been “tagged” and it goes something like this:

1. Post these rules before you give the facts.
2. List eight (8) facts about yourself.
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) someone and list their name (linking to their page.)
4. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!

* * * * *

#1. when i was little i was completely obsessed with wonder woman. i actually thought i was wonder woman. i would dress up in my gear while watching the tv show would anwser only to “diana prince.” pretty intense for a 4 year old. decades later, while working at abercrombie + fitch in college i actually met lynda carter when she came into the kids’ store at montgomery mall in bethesda. i was speechless as i rung her up, and as she signed the receipt i didn’t know what to do with myself – truth is, i barely remember my childhood obsession, although this photo stirs some recollection:


#2. “ice, ice, baby” by vanilla ice was my favorite song in the 5th grade, and i still love it. i have karaoked this song half a dozen times in bars all over the world. every time my passion for the rhyme (and my crazy dance moves) win over the audience despite my terrible vocals.

#3. i can’t dance, which is particularly disturbing considering i took tap, ballet and jazz classes for years as a child and was actually quite good. i was also captain of the dance team in high school and won many competitions. regardless, i have no natural rythmn and cannot dance unless it is to a choreographed routine, which i assure you, i will execute with perfection.

#4. growing up i always knew i wanted to be a trial lawyer. i went to school for law but became quickly disenchanted. i took journalism 101 as an elective, and it changed my life. since then, i’ve learned more by talking to people than i ever could have learned any other way.

#5. i have a BA in philosophy and journalism, with a minor in spanish. i have only taken one photography class in my entire life – it was a film course, with the focus on developing. the very first roll i ever shot was with a nikon fm7 and i didn’t load the film properly. my first roll came out blank. luckily, these days i shoot digital. ;)

#6. in the last 10 years i’ve had over a dozen different addresses – across the country and back again, as well as abroad. i cherish nomadic life.

#7. i’m an adventure junkie. not just travel, and not necessarily adrenaline, but just good old fashioned adventure. be it the inca trail en route to machu picchu or an excursion to shepherdstown, west virginia – i always say if it isn’t a good time, it’s bound to be a good story. i guess that’s a writer’s rationale!

#8. i am the most content when i am looking through the lens of my camera.

* * * * *

john shore is one of the most interesting, funny, complex, and sublimely profound people i have ever met. not to mention a phenomenal (published!) author. therefore, i am tagging him!

and everyone can thank mk for tagging me, and perpetuating this crazy information chain!



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4 responses to “tagged!

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  2. Hey–whoa, what’s with this giant font??–I forgot to say how much I enjoyed reading these 8 things of yours. It’s always great when you realize the depth of your friends’ psychological dysfunction.

  3. s. I think that should be “dysfunctionS.”

    No, wait. Let’s make it “dysfunctionings.” I like that better.

    No! Dysfunctioning! I think it should just be “dysfunctioning”!

    Um. So. Speaking of which …

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