amanda + mike.

i’m just bursting to tell you this: the king came to this wedding. yes, mk and i photographed elvis singing to, and dancing with, amanda and mike. and it was AWESOME. but first things first…

amanda and mike got married at the woodend sanctuary in chevy chase last friday evening. the woodend is a unique spot, and the lush green grove where the ceremony took place had the feel of a secluded sanctuary. it was so beautiful in the early evening, and so calm…no indication of the wild reception that would follow!

the ceremony was short and sweet, during which amanda’s mother read an amazing poem (read it in mk’s blog here) that was written by a friend of the family – it was so moving that even as i climbed through the trees to get the best angle i couldn’t help but notice how eloquent and and meaningful those words were.

formals were a fast and furious race against the clock – our long summer days are coming to an end! as the sun slipped away we caught one last shot of mike dipping amanda, and into the reception we went.

mk and i were so excited to see one of our favorite caterers, marco polo, who have the nicest, most professional staff, not to mention amazing food.

amanda and mike made a grand entrance down the wooden staircase and onto the dance floor for a perfect first dance! their foxtrot skills were surpassed only by the huge smiles on their faces – a joy to watch.

the dancing continued after dinner, and really got underway when mike announced a surprise guest: since amanda had wanted to get married in vegas, mike was bringing a little bit of vegas to her…and in came elvis e – elvis impersonator extraordinare!

as he performed hit after hit, guests had a blast dancing with him – especially amanda’s 90-year-old grandmother, who never left the dance floor. unbelievable!

it was one of the craziest dance floors i have ever photographed at a wedding- i only stopped shooting long enough to look around and smile…













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