yvon + seth engagement photos.

ok, these two are ambitious…their upcoming wedding (just 2 months away!) is playing on a dc theme – so they wanted engagement photos in front of a number of dc monuments…sounded like so much fun, so i set aside the entire sunday thinking we’d hop around and scout out some of their favorites.

it didn’t exactly work out that way.

yvon and seth picked me up at 6pm and we chased the sun (and rain clouds!) as we hurried from one monument to the next…by foot and by car, yvon skillfully manuvering around and seth guiding us…it was crazy!

we started at the lincoln, then the vietnam wall, then the korean war memorial…got the washington monument and reflecting pool, and i feared we’d only make half the list. then we were back in the car and onto the wwII memorial, they ran across the street to get jefferson behind them, and then we jetted towards the smithsonian and the capital.

one last jaunt took us to alexander hamilton and last of all, the white house!

as the sun slipped completely away, we were finished, in less than 2 hours…and with 10+ monuments! i was amazed! it was so much fun, and yvon and seth are so adorable together…and best of all the pics turned out great! i can’t wait to shoot thier wedding in october!











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