july 4.

fireworks totally amaze me.

and here’s why: because they really shouldn’t.

i mean, honestly, what’s the big deal? it’s nothing we all haven’t seen countless times before…so is it the excitement and the hype? the nostalgia? the mere thrill of the explosion?

i haven’t quite figured it out and actually, it doesn’t even matter. all that does matter is that people LOVE to watch fireworks, no matter where we are, what we are doing, who we are with, or how old we may be, or even how many times we have seen them before, especially in the middle of the summer to commemorate the 4th of july.

as the first fireworks whistled through the air this 4th, i was overwhelmed with the realization that people all over the east coast were doing the exact same thing as me at that moment.

and i decided that that itself was pretty incredible.

from the top of a roofdeck in dc i watched as firework shows lit up the perimeter of the city — bursts of light visible from every major suburb dotted the horizon — and then the real show began, exploding directly in front of me, just to the right of the washington monument, illuminating the sky right at eye level.

while this view was incredible, part of me missed seeing the sky above light up…so on saturday i decided to go to a second, weekend show, so i could once again see them from the ground below, and of course, snap a few photos…

talk about capturing a moment!







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