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oia: santorini, greece.

watching the sunset over the cliffs at oia.

oia is a delightful little village on the northern tip of santorini, perched high above the caldera far below. white-washed houses are tucked tightly into the cliffside just below the town itself, which is a warren of narrow, cobbled passageways – a jumble of homes, stores and restaurants, bursting with people who crowd the streets each evening to witness the spectacular sunset.

the most striking thing about greece, the secret to its unsurpassed beauty, lies not only in the pristine surroundings and picturesque architecture, but in the light itself. the light, so perfect and strong and clear, illuminates the land in a completely magical way. in the morning as the sun rises it sets the blue shutters and doors aglow with its cool, steely light. as it rises high in the day, the cloudless sky becomes a vivid shade of royal blue and the intense rays reflect off the white-washed buildings with a beautiful, almost blinding glare, everything in sight increasingly vivid and crisp. and later, when the afternoon sun begins to slip towards the horizon, the golden light spills across the land – reflecting off the water and dancing across the walls. just before the fiery ball is seemingly consumed by the ocean, its warmth turns even the whitest facades light pink and a deep orange glow is engulfs the island, the early evening light casting shadows across every wall…

no sooner does the sun sink away, then the moon rises – bright white, and pouring its luminance clear and strong onto the waters below: it shines a perfect white glow upon the streets, the sky fading from an sudden blue to deepest black.







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fifty and fabulous in santorini.

my mother celebrates her 50th birthday on the greek islands.

july 17th was my mom’s 50th birthday and the real reason behind our impromptu, amazing trip to the greek islands. i wanted to do something very special for her 50th, and could think of no better way to celebrate than by whisking her off to explore the famed and fabulous islands of greece! this was her first trip to europe and it was absolutely amazing to share it with her.

having watched me travel all over the world, and knowing i was up for anything, she told me that greece was her ultimate destination. i hadn’t given much thought to the mediterranean island, but once i started looking into it i was captivated. we spent 10 days traveling through the cyclades, soaking up greek culture, cuisine and sun – it was perfect!

on her actual birthday we were on the island of santorini, and spent the day on the black sand beach of kamari before riding up to oia to see the acclaimed sunset above the caldera. for dinner we came back to kamari, where the waiters outside one of the restaurants, upon learning that it was my mom’s birthday, began to serenade her with “happy birthday.” the taverna, eanos, was one of the wonderful seaside restaurants with the friendly waiters and great food we had come to love in kamari. the waiter selected all our food, and brought out course after course of delicious seafood, pasta, salad, and wine. for dessert, the owners and waiters presented my mom with a cake and roses, singing loudly and enthusiastically, ending with a resounding OPA! i’ve never seen my mother look more beautiful or more happy – a testament to her fifty fabulous years.

mom i love you! thank you for trusting me to throw together this amazing trip and for being the best mother anyone could ask for! until the next one…



above: mom + i on the moonscape beach of sarakiniko, milos; at dinner one evening in santorini; lounging in the calm water along the shore of pollonia, milos; sunset on kamari beach, santorini. 


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