fifty and fabulous in santorini.

my mother celebrates her 50th birthday on the greek islands.

july 17th was my mom’s 50th birthday and the real reason behind our impromptu, amazing trip to the greek islands. i wanted to do something very special for her 50th, and could think of no better way to celebrate than by whisking her off to explore the famed and fabulous islands of greece! this was her first trip to europe and it was absolutely amazing to share it with her.

having watched me travel all over the world, and knowing i was up for anything, she told me that greece was her ultimate destination. i hadn’t given much thought to the mediterranean island, but once i started looking into it i was captivated. we spent 10 days traveling through the cyclades, soaking up greek culture, cuisine and sun – it was perfect!

on her actual birthday we were on the island of santorini, and spent the day on the black sand beach of kamari before riding up to oia to see the acclaimed sunset above the caldera. for dinner we came back to kamari, where the waiters outside one of the restaurants, upon learning that it was my mom’s birthday, began to serenade her with “happy birthday.” the taverna, eanos, was one of the wonderful seaside restaurants with the friendly waiters and great food we had come to love in kamari. the waiter selected all our food, and brought out course after course of delicious seafood, pasta, salad, and wine. for dessert, the owners and waiters presented my mom with a cake and roses, singing loudly and enthusiastically, ending with a resounding OPA! i’ve never seen my mother look more beautiful or more happy – a testament to her fifty fabulous years.

mom i love you! thank you for trusting me to throw together this amazing trip and for being the best mother anyone could ask for! until the next one…



above: mom + i on the moonscape beach of sarakiniko, milos; at dinner one evening in santorini; lounging in the calm water along the shore of pollonia, milos; sunset on kamari beach, santorini. 



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3 responses to “fifty and fabulous in santorini.

  1. Dad

    You guys look beautiful relaxed and happy. Vicky isnt nice to be 50 looking 35 with a heart of 25 you look fantisic glad you girls got such a wonderful oppertunity many memoriesand fun times love Tommy

  2. Jaime,
    The heading says it all. Mamasita is fabulous at 50. And I am so glad that you both had the chance to experience Greece together. Beautiful people in a beautiful place, what could be better.

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